Direct operated pressure control valve


  • Catalog: 21120
  • Mounting Style: screw-in cartridge
  • Cavity: D-10E
  • Max Operating Pressure: 380 bar
  • Max Flow: 120 l/min


  • Rendering 3D: 3D Model
  • * Data sheets: lan lan
  • Other languages: lanlan
  • * Last update: ES (03/11/2020)


DBV are pilot operated pressure relief valves, cartridge type, for block or manifold application. They control the maximum pressure of the hydraulic circuit. They can also operate as a limiting device for pressure peaks generated during movements of hydraulic actuators. The DBV valve is available in eight pressure control ranges up to 300 bar. The pressure is adjustable by means of a socket hex adjustment screw or by a knob.

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