Oil & Gas

Systems and equipment for the Oil & Gas sector

From the upstream side of on-shore and off-shore extraction facilities, through to midstream applications in process valves and compressors, and finally downstream in refineries, Duplomatic supports the flow of crude oil and its derivatives throughout the chain.

In order to operate in these environments, marked by very aggressive characteristics and potentially explosive atmospheres, it is necessary to use appropriate protective surface treatments. It often becomes necessary to use stainless steel: special expertise is required to identify the most competitive solution that meets technical requirements.






Products for the Oil & Gas sector

Duplomatic has developed high-resistance surface treatments for the most extreme environments and created a range of stainless-steel components, with certification for use in EEXd, IECex, INMETRO and PESO classified areas.

Duplomatic Group supporting industry

Duplomatic is a high-tech, high-value industrial partner: components, industry 4.0 applications, engineering consulting and project management.

Applications in the oil & gas sector



Tank farms

Process valves

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