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ADV 2019


Duplomatic Motion Solutions introduces its advertising campaign 2019!

From Hydraulics to motion solutions


"From the first hydraulic copying system to a complete "turnkey" system that will move a spectacular pavilion at Expo 2020. Duplomatic is a versatile company, ready for new challenges."

Motion Champions


Besides hydraulic solutions, Duplomatic Motion Solutions also offers electrical and electromechanical systems and provides all the electronic devices required for industrial machinery motion.

Duplomatic - Bimu


"To be competitive on the global stage, Italian companies are now in the middle of a path of technological transformation in a digital key: innovation, internationalization and dimensional growth are...

The management of the rubber molding press is entrusted to hydraulics


“The family of GUM rubber molding presses by IMG (Industrie Meccaniche Generali) was developed in synergy with Duplomatic Motion Solutions, a long-standing partner company.

Duplomatic Motion Solutions and the Industry 4.0 approach


“According to Mr. Roberto Maddalon, CEO, the future is based on the capability to predict and control new technologies, such as the IO-Link protocol used by Duplomatic to exploit the...

Duplomatic rules every motion technology


Duplomatic Oleodinamica changed its business name into Duplomatic Motion Solutions: a decision taken in order to better represent the new Corporate’s dimension, that now offers every possible solution for machines’...

Duplomatic's new electronic card: EDM/30


"Duplomatic offers a wide range of products focused on the electro-hydraulics sector and on the motion control, alredy developed according to the Industry 4.0 requirements.

Electrohydraulics and Motion control, the breakthrough


"During the last five years, Duplomatic developed a new corporate organization, expanding its range of products and acquiring other companies that have a complementary offer.

ADV 2018


Duplomatic Motion Solutions introduces its advertising campaign 2018: