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ISO 9001- Quality

Our Quality Management System, which complies with the UNI EN ISO 9001 Standard, is aimed at:  

  • creating a "quality culture" which must be present in each single company function and which must involve the whole Duplomatic staff in order to create that convergence of goals intended to support the constant, critical and dynamic improvement of the organization,
  • ensuring a constant control of the Quality Management System in order to reach the zero defect threshold through the analysis of the faultiness data and the deriving corrective measures, promoting the right information transfer among the different company departments by formalizing the decisions and the actions to be taken through internal communications/e-mails,
  • ensuring a suitable training aimed at supporting the quality obtained through the staff constant training, the supplied mounting instructions and the detailed and shared testing procedures, as well as the personnel involvement in the systematic application of the procedures identified in the Quality Manual,
  • suggesting the constant updating and improvement of the product through periodic meetings of the Product Committee, in compliance with the law requirements to be met by the company,
  • monitoring the Customer satisfaction level by collecting and analyzing the received claims and by performing direct evaluations and the analysis of the available data (claims, delivery regularity and punctuality, number of non-conformities. 

Download IQ Net ISO 9001 CertificateISO 9001:2015 quality certificate


ISO 14001 - Environment

Duplomatic supports the importance of protecting the environment and of spreading a culture of respect and responsible management of natural resources. Through the UNI EN ISO 14001 certification we pursue two goals:

  • the constant compliance with legislative obligations;
  • the improvement of the environmental aspects of the company.


ISO 45001 - Health and Safety

Managing security means guaranteeing the safety of all our people. We do this through models of organization and risk management according to the ISO 45001 standards, which analyze the hazards and identify the necessary measures to avoid or reduce them. We have a lot to learn from the lessons following the occurrence of accidents or near misses. Dynamics, causes, interventions and lessons learnt are analyzed and shared within the organization.

Download IQ Net ISO 9001 CertificateUNI EN ISO 14001:2015 and ISO 45001:2018 certificate


Responsible Payments

logo CPRFrom December 12th 2014, the Payments Code Committee, part of Assolombarda, has listed Duplomatic Motion Solutions in the register of companies compliant to the Italian Responsible Payment Code. This initiative aims to create a positive loop that will improve the way business-to-business payments are settled in Italy. Companies that subscribe that code of conduct, are committed to pay within the terms agreed, thus breaking the bad habit to delay over terms the settlements. This initiative has been inspired by the UK's Prompt Payment Code and has been indeed supported also by the British Government along with the CBI, Confederation of British Industry.

Duplomatic Motion Solutions has always been particularly focused on these aspects given that it strongly believes that a fair, competitive and transparent economic contest, is made up of the responsible choices its operators decide to undertake. Respecting everybody's work is an essential condition to generate a shared value among all the stakeholders whose everyday life is influenced by the actions of each of us.

Download PDF Responsible Payment CodeResponsible Payment Code