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By our customers' side since the very beginning

Duplomatic knows its customers and their needs and because of that, for example, it offers since many years the chance to download for free the 3D models of all products thanks to a dedicated website.

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How to use this service

In order to use this service you should get to


and, if you are not yet registered, proceed with the simple registration process by clicking on "Register" on the upper-right area of your screen. By following few easy steps, you'll create an account with a username and a password of your choice you could use for every access from then on.

Please check this documentation to get more help on the how-to procedure.

PDF SmallHow to register for FREE to our 3D web service.


System's features

It is possible to configure each component on every detail, to have a 3D preview, to generate and download a PDF which summarize all the tech specs you opted for along with an embedded interactive 3D model, moreover you can download a file on the most common CAD formats used for 3D designing.

Shall you be interested in a proportional valve, a pump or in a special cylinder for a customized application you'll have ready at hand a configurator able to deal with every need. Once defined what you need, you could embed the product's 3D drawing in your design thus to precisely evaluate the overall dimensions.

Please, click here to check out the online configurator for hydraulic cylinders.


Integration within your ERP system

That's not all. If you to and your ERP systems allow such feature, you might even download the full catalogue thus to embed it in your components' DB ready at hand for all of your projects. Once closed the project, you could manage all the next formal steps (project approval, sending the bill of materials to your buyers, etc.) in a fully automated way.


This service is part of the quality that Duplomatic offers along with its products. Since the very beginning.


Hereby you find an example of a 3D presentation realized using one of the many models available.

DSPE5J by duplomaticoleodinamica on Sketchfab