BHGE certifies the quality of Duplomatic MS

BHGE certifies the quality of Duplomatic MS

BHGE certifies the quality of Duplomatic MS

BHGE certifies the quality of Duplomatic MS by confirming the technological partnership both for gas and steam turbines.

BHGE, world leader in electricity generation and in technologies for utility companies, independent electricity producers and industrial applications, has confirmed its trust in the technological and innovative skills of Duplomatic MS..

The cooperation started 4 years ago for the Nuovo Pignone production site– Italy – and today it gets stronger thanks to the important results achieved together.   

The first technological certification was released 4 years ago with the first Certification for the steam turbine sector, which stated the quality and the compliance with the high standards required to BHGE suppliers; today this certification is supported by the new Certification for the gas turbine sector.

The Certification process adopted by BHGE for the supplier selection involves various aspects ranging from technical- commercial abilities in suggesting reliable and innovative solutions, both flexible and cost-effective, to real technical-production abilities based on reliability, quality and compliance with the required standards.   

All these aspects have been checked and audited step by step both at the production sites of Duplomatic MS and at those of its sub-suppliers in order to have a total control on the supply chain.

Duplomatc MS has been able to supply BHGE with solutions based on innovative components and structures suitable not only to solve the critical needs inside the Nuova Pignone production site but also to be used in all other international head-offices of the group.

This certification offers to BHGE and Duplomatic MS important opportunities to further increase the future efficacy of the systems with the consequent improvement of the process quality and profitability both in Italy and abroad; such improvement is possible also thanks to the evolution of Duplomatic MS from a national to a multinational company with seats in the main industrial areas of the world.   


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