Duplomatic Hydraulic Systems in the Energy Sector

Duplomatic Hydraulic Systems in the Energy Sector

Duplomatic Hydraulic Systems in the Energy Sector

An interview with Roberto Renzini - Hydraulic Systems Director.

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What is Duplomatic Hydraulic Systems today?

Duplomatic Hydraulic Systems is Duplomatic MS Spa’s Business Unit. It is based in Lainate and focuses on the design and manufacture of complex hydraulic applications for various application fields, in particular, for the industrial, energy and off-shore sectors.

What makes Duplomatic Hydraulic Systems stand out in the market today?

Our team is relatively young, comprising a mix of technical and managerial expertise that has evolved over the years to meet the ever complex challenges lying ahead and to satisfy increasing demands from customers. We pride ourselves in particular on our applications for the energy sector, primarily our gas turbines, steam turbines and hydroelectric plants.

What does being a credible partner in the energy sector mean?

For more than 30 years, Duplomatic Hydraulic Systems has been engaged in and has specialised in the energy sector, employing modern project engineering and project management techniques to provide its customers with a fully comprehensive service, ranging from defining technical solutions, to understanding and applying the strictest of specifications, to the management of testing and drawing up order books.


What has the energy sector taught you?

To us, having the opportunity to work with and be qualified vendors of the main players in the Energy sector, both in Italy and abroad, means constantly putting ourselves to the test and raising the bar on our performance. This is the main stimulus for which we work, to be able to deserve the trust of multinational and prestigious companies, with whom we can acquire both technical and managerial expertise, enabling us to improve the quality, focus and precision of our work. To us, the world of energy means being able to expand beyond national borders, thanks to sector specific expertise and capabilities, offering a range of products that enable us to take care of various areas of systems, including power plants, lubrication plants, servocylinders, skid and jacking oil, turbine start systems and trip blocks.

What do you think is required to be competitive in this sector?

Without a doubt, a passion for hydraulics and for this sector in particular, in addition to the determination to constitute a genuine partner for companies working with us, striving to provide new and innovative solutions that enable our customers to grow and improve, together with an elevated level of precision, indispensable to be able to understand and apply a large number of specifications, related not only to the product’s application, but also to its final destination.

I should also add - as a factor of our success - our new manufacturing site at Lainate, a 3,000 m2 facility structured in accordance with modern production techniques and equipped with cutting-edge IT systems, providing us with the ideal centre to design and manufacture these complex systems.

Last, but not least, having a service and commissioning team capable of accompanying and assisting our customers during the delicate system start-up and testing phases at end customer installation sites.

What do you envisage for the future?

Duplomatic's hydraulics applications are evolving towards complete control and handling systems that are equipped with intelligent parts (IOT), electronics and PLC. Being able to provide complete and intelligent solutions that optimise start-up times and manage maintenance and assistance remotely, is the real challenge for the future.