Lean Manufacturing according to Duplomatic Motion Solutions

Lean Manufacturing according to Duplomatic Motion Solutions

Lean Manufacturing according to Duplomatic Motion Solutions

The term “lean production”, actually means to overcome the concept of mass production and to adopt the customer's point of view even in the production planning. This was coined by Womack and Jones in their book, The machine that changed the world, in which Toyota's lean production was used as a competitive example compared to the mass production still used in Western companies. In particular, the most significant guiding principle that governs "lean production" is knowing how to define the value from the customer's point of view, in other words, to set up the supply and production capacity based on what the Customer values the most.

We at Duplomatic know that customers value above all the possibility of purchasing components in a flexible, rapid and not necessarily planned manner.

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For Duplomatic, the manufacturer of an extensive and diversified catalogue of components and systems, means organising the design, production and logistics processes ad hoc; satisfying these requests and guaranteeing the availability of both small and large lots in the shortest time possible.

Since 2013, Duplomatic has been structured in this way and the market acknowledges this and rewards us by bringing many new customers to us through word of mouth.

This is the reason why we continually invest in order to maintain this ability according to a "pull" logic and not a "push" one, which means being ready each time to produce according to the Customer's requirements and to the different specifications. So far, this has meant beating competition on delivery times, which is an excellent goal we have managed to achieve.

Recently Marco Tovaglieri, Supply Chain Manager at Duplomatic declared,

“We apply lean manufacturing techniques to increase efficiency. We use the "assembly to order" model to produce only what the customer requests without the need to stock. We take advantage of innovative, technologically-advanced, flexible and interconnected machinery, according to Industry 4.0 standards.”