A change in our name reflecting the important company evolutions

A change in our name reflecting the important company evolutions

A change in our name reflecting the important company evolutions

“Duplomatic Motion Solutions” a change in our name reflecting the important company evolutions.

On last 13th October Duplomatic Oleodinamica SpA officially communicated the change of the company name into Duplomatic MS S.p.A. a change whose origins are to be found in the important growth the company has faced during the last years becoming an industrial group with diversified products and solutions for the automation and construction sector.   

The change in the company name recently announced by Duplomatic MS stresses two important aspects.The first: better highlighting the historic name “Duplomatic” which has been present on the market since the beginning of the ‘50s with highly technological applications; the second: the pay-off “Motion Solutions” stresses the ability to develop complex solutions for motion control using different techniques applied to different sectors.


The evolution of the Duplomatic MS Group

For more than 60 years Duplomatic has been standing out in the sector of industrial machinery components developing technological hydraulic, electric or electronic solutions. The development pace has increased during the last 6 years, when there has been a change from a single production site in Italy to an international setting with over 300 employees. Several companies in Italy, in the USA and in China with more than 1,000 customers all over the world and a consolidated annual turnover higher than 70 million Euors.    

The group includes the following international head offices:  Continental Hydraulics with seat in the USA, Shanghai Hydraulics with seat in China, OCS in San Cesario (Mo) Italy for the production of hydraulic cylinders, Eurosei in Rosta (To) Italy for the design and production of electric cylinders and Tecnologie Industriali, a company with seat in Padua with experience in hydraulic plants for the off-shore and oil&gas sectors. These companies produce a complete product catalogue for Duplomatic MS addressed to the main industrial sectors: Power Generation, Steel Industry, Plastic Industry and Oil&gas.

The development of the Duplomatic MS catalogue

The cooperation with companies whose skills and experience are different and complementary has made the product catalogue of Duplomatic MS more comprehensive and well-structured. The product offer, together with the experience and the Made in Italy excellence, make Duplomatic MS an international partner for products and complex solutions certified for their quality and reliability. The System Division of Duplomatic MS can supply complex devices and control units for key sectors such as Power Generation and Oil&Gas for important international industrial groups that have always been very selective in the choice of their suppliers in terms of quality, reliability and product certification.   

In commercial terms , the wider range of products available for the national and international network of Duplomatic MS Distributors offers them several commercial opportunities and adds value to their technical knowledge. Our programs of commercial partnerships will focus more and more on common growth, sharing and opportunity generation in new sectors and markets but, at the same time, we will continue investing in solutions, even customized, in the mobile sector in order to offer the customer the best possible solution”, said Luca Riva, Domestic Sales & Marketing Director.