Test device

Test device


EDMPC - Configuration kit for digital amplifiers EDM-M*/30

The kit contains the equipment for the configuration and the diagnostic of digital amplifiers for open loop
proportional valves EDM-M*, series 30.
It includes:
- USB communication cable lenght = 3 m (micro USB-B male - USB A male)
- Adapter cable for OTG USB2.0 smartphone (USB A female - USB Micro-B male)
- Adapter cable for OTG USB3.0 smartphone (USB A female - USB-C male)
- USB key with EBC software to be installed on a PC.
The EBC software is constantly updated and can be easily downloaded from the Duplomatic MS website in the software download page.
The software is compliant with Microsoft OS Windows 7, 8 and 10.

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LINPC-USB - Test device for proportional valves with integrated electronics

The kit contains a test device with embedded connection cable 7 pin and a USB cable for connection to the PC. The dedicated software are available for download from our web site at the software download page.

The device is suitable for troubleshooting and functional testing of Duplomatic proportional valves with LIN-bus interface, for open loop (type G) and closed loop (type J), series 20, 30 and 31.

The sof tware al low the check of  settings, display the diagnostic and permit to make changes on the standard parameter setting made in factory, adapting it to your system.

No additional power supply is required: the device uses the supply source from the 7 pin system cable.

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