Axes synchronization

Axes synchronization


EWM-MS-AA - Card with analogue signals for synchronization control

This card has been developed for an easy synchronization of two actuators (up to 6 axes in master-slave mode) with an overriding synchronization controller.

The card can drive only an axis; one card per axis is needed.

Proportional valves with integrated electronics can be driven by the differential output. A version with amplifier is also available.

Analogue feedback sensors (scalable via software)

Analogue position input. The axes speed can be limited by an external analogue speed input.

2 control mode: SDD and NC

Card setup via software only, through an on-board USB-B port.

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EWM-SS-DAD - Card for axis synchronization control for systems from 2 to 9 axes with Profibus/Can communication interface

— This is a card for positioning control of the axes via CanBus connection, within a synchronization system master / slave type, that communicate to with the PLC via a Profibus interface (not supplied).
— The EWM-SS-DAD card drives an axis provided with a SSI position sensor (high precision), or rather an analogue sensor. Each axis to be synchronized within the system requires one card.
— The synchronization controller adapts the speed of the slave axis. Positioning errors during movement increase or reduce the slave axis velocity, in order to compensate the synchronization error.
— The CAN address is selectable directly by the rotary switch on the card front.
— The card setup occurs via software only, by the EWMPC software, and a laptop.

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CLICK HERE to download the start-up manual of EWM-BUS-DD.


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EWM-2SS-DAD - Card for 2 axis positioning in closed loop control with profibus interface

— The EWM-2SS-DAD card is designed for controlling the stroke position of 2 axes

— Additionally, the synchronized control of the axes is available

— Both SSI or analogue sensor input are available

— The module communicates with the PLC via the embedded Profibus interface

— Card configuration is made via software, via USB

CLICK HERE to download the start-up manual.

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