Monitored valves

Monitored valves


DS(P)*M - Solenoid operated directional valves - Monitored spools

These solenoid operated directional valves are equipped with position sensors that monitor the main spool position. The switching position is indicated by a binary signal.

TÜV certification body certifies the compliance of DS(P)*M valves with the EC safety standards ISO 4413:2012, UNI EN 12622:2014, UNI EN 693:2001 +A2:2001, UNI EN 201:2010 and UNI EN 422:2009 with certificate TÜV IT 14 MAC 0043 .

These valves are available in direct current versions only. They have no manual override and cannot be disassembled, because of their characteristics and their possible use on machinery subject to safety requirements. Moreover, their components are not interchangeable. 

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