DS3GL - Solenoid operated directional valve with digital interfaces


— Directional valve with digital interface, solenoid actuated, with mounting surface according to ISO 4401-03 standards.
— The valve is supplied with 3 or 4 ways design, with 2 or 3 positions with a wide range of spools.
— The on-board electronics allow the valve to be controlled by a PLC with a low-power digital signal. There are several functions available, including fast switch, energy saving and soft-shift.
— The version with IO-Link interface effectively integrates the valve in a digital communication system driven by PLC, and allows collecting operational data and environmental information for predictive diagnostics.
— The valve is available with DC solenoids.
— The valve is also available with zinc-nickel coating on the body, that ensures a salt spray resistance up to 240 hours.
— Alternative to the standard manual override there are push, knob, push and twist, boot and mechanical detent devices.