Bankable solenoid valves

Bankable solenoid valves


BD - Stackable directional control valves

— BDL1 is an assemblage of stackable valves, very versatile thanks to the modular design.  
— Stackable elements have been designed to be assembled in parallel connection, mounting up to 8 stackable directional valves.  
— BD* assemblies are suitable for compact applications, mainly in mobile industries and in mini-power packs.  
— The directional valves have a thickness of 28 mm and 1/8" BSP connections on working ports.
— Inlet elements have P and T ports 1/4” BSP.

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BD - Stackable directional control valves

— BDL, BDM and BDS are stacked valve assemblies, very well-rounded thanks to their modular design.
— Elements have been designed to be assembled in parallel connection, mounting up to 10 stackable valves. The same elements allow to create series circuits by inserting plugs in order to divert the oil path.
— Elements specifically designed for BD*2 series circuits complete the BD* range.
— BD* assemblies are suitable for compact applications in the mobile and in mini-power pack industries.
— Directional valve elements are available in two thicknesses, with working ports 3/8” BSP, 1/2” BSP, SAE–06 and SAE–08 threaded.

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BLS6 - Bankable load sensing proportional control valve

pmax 300 bar

 Qmax 120 l/min


The BLS6 directional control valve is stackable and can be assembled up to 8 different proportional and on/off modules .

Each module is equipped with a meter-in compensator that keep costant the flow, independently from load changes.

Sections with pressure compensators are not influenced in any way by other operated functions, provided that sufficient pump capacity is available. To correctly work, the sum of the flows contemporarily used must not overcome the 90% of the inlet flow.

Working ports A and B are threaded 1/2” BSP. On the inlet module the ports P1, P2 and T1 are threaded 3/4” BSP.

The manual lever override is available as option.

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BFD* - Bankable six-way flow selection switch

BFD* is a 6 ways bankable flow diverter that allows the simultaneous connection of 2 utilities, alternating the direction of flow through a solenoid operated directional valve.

It is available in two sizes, depending on the requested flow, and is used mainly for compact applications for the mobile sector.

Valve BFD is also suitable for series mounting, lining up to max 5 modules.

The external drain is available as an option on both versions.

Suitable for mobile applications, in particular for agricultural machines. It allows the simultaneous connection of two ports as a single valve. Used as a bankable valve it allows the connection up to five modules and the consequent moving of six different ports, not at the same time. Optional external drainage.

Tech specs: pmax 320 bar - Qmax 60-90 l/min

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