Flow control

Flow control


QTM2 - Flow restrictor valve ISO 4401-02 (CETOP R02)

pmax 320 bar
Qmax 30 l/min

The QTM2 valve is a flow restrictor valve with built in check valve for reverse free flow, made as a modular version with mounting surface according to the ISO 4401-02 (CETOP RP 12H) standards.
It can be assembled with all ISO 4401-02 (CETOP R02) modular valves without use of pipes, using suitable tie-rods or bolts.

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MERS - Flow restrictor valve ISO 4401-03 (CETOP 03) - series 50

—  This is a non-compensated flow control valve with a check valve for reverse free flow. It is made in modular version and with mounting surface according to the ISO 4401 standards; it can be assembled quickly without use of pipes, but using only suitable tie-rods or bolts, thus forming compact modular groups.
— It is also available as a reversible valve (G* versions). The control takes place as meter-in or meter-out, depending on the way in which the valve is facing the OR subplate.
— The built-it check valve allows the reverse free flow (cracking pressure of 0,5 bar).
— It is  supplied with a hexagon socket adjustment screw.

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