DXE5J - High response servo-proportional valve with feedback and integrated electronics


— The DXE5J valve is a four-way (3 + fail-safe position) servo-proportional valve where the spool moves inside a sleeve. It is operated by a proportional solenoid highly dynamic, which achieves high performance and not requires pilot pressure. The spool position is controlled by a linear transducer (LVDT) in closed loop, which ensures high precision and repeatability.
— It is available with two flow ranges up to 100 l/min with spools with zero overlap.
— The valve is featured by integral electronic based on SMD technology which ensures standard regulations and simplifies the electric wiring. The unit does not require any adjustment other than the possible electronic regulation of the zero.
— Suitable for control applications with closed loop of position, velocity and pressure. If the valve is not powered or is without the enable input (Version A only), the spool moves automatically at fail-safe position.