DSPE*J - Pilot operated directional proportional valves - OBE & Feedback


The DSPE*J are pilot operated directional control valves with electric proportional control, feedback and integrated electronics and with mounting interface in compliance with ISO 4401 standards.

They are controlled directly by an integrated digital amplifier. Transducer and digital card allow a fine control of the positioning of the cursor, reducing hysteresis and response times.

The valves are available with command signal in voltage or current, and on-board electronics with internal enable, external enable or 0V monitor on pin C.

A monitoring signal of the main spool position is available.

The following versions are available, too:

  • "JL" with digital integrated electronics for open loop and compact box; analogue, IO-link and CanOpen interfaces options available;
  • "JH" with digital integrated electronics for open loop with fieldbus communication.

The valve is easy to install. The driver directly manages digital settings.


NOTE: to download the PDF catalogue of the old series click here 

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