Synchronisation des axes

Synchronisation des axes


EWM-MS-AA - Carte avec signal analogique pour le contrôle de synchronisation

This card has been developed for an easy synchronization of two actuators (up to 4 axes in master-slave mode) with an overriding synchronization controller.

The card can drive only an axis; one card per axis is needed.

Proportional valves with integrated electronics can be driven by the differential output. A version with amplifier is also available.

Analogue feedback sensors (scalable via software)

Analogue position input. The axes speed can be limited by an external analogue speed input.

2 control mode: SDD and NC

Card setup via software only, through an on-board USB-B port.

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EWM-SS-DAD - Carte pour le contrôle de synchronisation pour systèmes de 2 à 9 axes avec interface de communication PROFIBUS / CANbus

This system for the axis synchronization control consists of an interface PLC Profibus DP and axis control cards with interconnection via CanBus. The control consists of a bus adapter EWM-BUS-DAD per the system and one EWM-SS DADmodule for each axis to be controlled, to be ordered separately.

The EWM-SS-DAD synchronizes the axes through a position sensor, digital SSI type (a high accuracy) or analogue type.

The synchronization controller correct the speed of the slave axis. Positioning failures during the movement will increase or reduce the slave axis velocity, so the synchronization failure will be compensated.

The cards are, programmable only via software, with EWMPC software kit, and a laptop.

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EWM-2SS-DAD - Card for 2 axis positioning in closed loop control with profibus interface

— The EWM-2SS-DAD card is designed for controlling the stroke position of 2 axes

— Additionally, the synchronized control of the axes is available

— Both SSI or analogue sensor input are available

— The module communicates with the PLC via the embedded Profibus interface

— Card configuration is made via software, via USB

CLICK HERE to download the start-up manual.

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