Secteurs d'application

Metal Forming & Presses

Power unit for profiling machines   Power unit for steel processing lines   Power unit for tube bending machines


Hydraulic system for grinding machines   Power unit for transfer machines

 Plastic & Rubber

 Power unit for rubber press control   Block for plastic injection moulding machines   System for rubber calendering machines    


 System for the control of steam valves   Power units for turbogas plant   Power unit with trip block system

 Oil & Gas

 AISI 316 manifold for gas pipeline   Power unit for gas pipeline


 Control system for gyroscope stabilizer   Power unit for boat shell door control   Power unit for harbor and offshore cranes

 Paper Mills

 Stainless steel cylinders for paper mills   Power unit for paper mills

  Blocks & Manifolds

 Block for industry   Block for mobile sector   Trip block for turbogas